BlackBerry Outage Affecting North America

BlackBerry users throughout North America experienced an outage that started last night and still may be affecting some users. Starting Tuesday evening, BlackBerry users started to complain of email delays. RIM confirmed “delays” Tuesday night, but couldn’t pinpoint a timeline for correcting the issues.

“Some BlackBerry customers in the Americas are experiencing delays in message delivery. Technical teams are actively working to resolve the issue for those impacted,” spokesperson Jamie Ernst said. “RIM apologizes for any inconvenience experienced by customers.”

In addition to email, BlackBerry Internet service was also down. Telephone service works, but data connectivity services were down.

This latest outage comes less than a week after a previous outage. How is it affecting you? Are you back online? Let us know in the comments.


  1. My comments immediately following the outage are clear and can be found here:

    However, to take it one step deeper as I commented this kind of stuff can happen with technology. Where I am extremely concerned is with RIM’s approach to communication with their “valued” customer base.

    RIM has never been terribly interested in letting anyone know what was going on. That includes hardware releases, OS updates and release notes, bug fixes, etc. Since they began as a corporate provider communication with their “big” clients may have taken place behind closed doors and in limited and varying amounts and maybe that was fine when their customer base was 95% corporate.

    RIM is no longer just a corporate customer driven entity and they better wake up to the reality of consumer expectation and consumer wrath.

    Consumers are accustomed to demanding and receiving information and when it is not provided they can become quite testy and frustrated and they are not afraid to blog, email, Twitter and post their anger wherever thay can for all to see.

    For RIM to make no general announcement for consumers that included what was going on, how long it was expected to last and what was being done to prevent a repeat I think was a HUGE MISTAKE. This was the second large outage in only five days and people are afraid they have made a mistake in choosing BlackBerry.

    For RIM’s executives to simply sit in their ivory tower counting their profits from the announcement made that they had better than expected earnings and record sales ON THE SAME DAY THE FIRST DECEMBER OUTAGE OCCURRED and then stay mute when the “reliable” BB network went dark for the second time five days later is the stupidest thing I have seen them do so far.

    They better wake up……

  2. Frank Quigley says:

    I had an E-Mail problem Tuesday around 5:00 pm till wed morning 12/23/09 than again today 12/24/09 around 4:00 pm and I am still without the internet the time is 5:55. thankyou
    Frank Quigley

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