BlackBerry Torch 2 Specs, Renders

BlackBerry Torch 2

It looks BGR has raided the PowerPoint presentations at RIM, this time providing us with a render of the BlackBerry Torch 2 along with specs. The most notable improvement is the processor bump to 1.2GHz. So, when is coming out. It’s looking like Q3 on AT&T Wireless. That’s a long time in mobile, a long […]

BlackBerry Torch 9800 on AT&T Now Official

BlackBerry Torch

At a secretive event held in NYC this morning, AT&T along with RIM introduced the new BlackBerry Torch 9800. The BlackBerry Torch will be released on August 12th and it will be the first BlackBerry to feature the new BlackBerry OS 6.0. The Torch will be priced at $199.99 with a 2-year agreement. Full presser […]

AT&T Enabling Visual Voicemail for Blackberry Bold


While an expected OS update for the Blackberry Bold on AT&T has not yet been released, the Visual Voicemail feature code is already active in AT&Ts system and can be activated, according to Boy Genius Report. AT&T Bold users with a Visual Voicemail icon can call customer service to request activation of the feature, which […]

BlackBerry 9700 Coming To AT&T


A leaked document shows the BlackBerry 9700 on the list of upcoming devices headed to AT&T. All we know is that it’s charcoal and there is no firm launch date, at least one that has leaked yet. BGR suspects a timeline of anywhere from 2 weeks to 3  months. We’re thinking somewhere in the middle. […]