Unbox the BlackBerry PlayBook….

The Package from Staples

This will be my first post and it will be about the unboxing of my new BlackBerry PlayBook.  I have never used a tablet so this is new territory for me. The packaging is professional as you would expect it to be.  Here are a few shots….

Official Announcement of BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

Rim has dropped the official press release for the upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook. The most important bits are as follows: Available in US sometime in Q1 of 2011. International markets in Q2 of 2011. No pricing available as of yet The BlackBerry Tablet OS SDK is planned for release in the coming weeks. The full press […]

RIM Intros BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

RIM today used Devcon to introduce the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, calling it the first true professional tablet. More details on the BlackBerry PlayBook as we get them. This is a big move for RIM, clearing aiming to take away or prevent Apple from gaining more business with the iPad. With a smaller 7″ display, the […]