Unbox the BlackBerry PlayBook….

This will be my first post and it will be about the unboxing of my new BlackBerry PlayBook.  I have never used a tablet so this is new territory for me.

The Package from Staples

The packaging is professional as you would expect it to be.  Here are a few shots….

Not many accessories.  Just a wall charger and a USB cord….Oh, and a neoprene sleeve that you can see in the photo above on the right…..

And here comes the boot-up….

Took a bit more than a minute, but hey, we get balloons to watch…..

WiFi setup was absolutely effortless (sorry about the reflections.  I will catch on for the next pics)……

And a software update was next.  About 280MB and was done in a flash….

First impressions:

  • Very sturdy-feeling build.  Has a quality feel
  • Screen is absolutely beautiful.  Crisp, clear with vibrant colors
  • WiFi is incredibly fast
  • Downloaded and installed the Bridge to my Tour.  Easy
  • Set up the BB Bridge to connect to my Tour (on BES).  Easy, but browsing with the Bridge Browser is, as you might expect, s l o w
  • Upgraded BB Desktop.  Easy
  • Logging on the BB App World a breeze
  • Almost no apps available the first day, but there seem to be new ones going up in App World daily.
  • BBM was recently added and is easy to use while Bridged
  • Typing with the on-screen keyboard is actually easier than I expected

I purchased the PlayBook as a toy to play with.  I had no intentions of pretending it is to make myself more efficient at work, but I did keep saying “why did I buy this?”.  I had a two week period to return it with no questions and I am happy to say I let that expire.  I find myself sitting in front of the TV with the PB, but I am finding I become so distracted I am not watching the television shows.

There is much to learn about this little device and while I may not be using it to its fullest potential I believe it has met my expectations…..It is a great toy.  I fully expect to become more proficient and I also expect I will start using it at work.

I plan to post updates as time allows to let you know how the experience is progressing.  I also have begun to put together a PlayBook Tips and Tricks guide which I hope to post in the PB Forum in a few days….


  1. Lilith Camp says:

    I’m seriously considering buying one of these tablets. Since you’ve got one, and know how they behave; I’d like to ask a few questions.

    Can it run Adobe Photoshop, or a version of it created for this tablet? I’m a photographer, and if it can run this all important program, it would seal the deal on my buying it. And how is its keypad/typing/navigation on the device? I know its a touch screen (sucks badly on android phones, got rid of one due to it). Can an external keyboard be added by a usb cable, or bluetooth? Is it easy to figure out and use overall?

    Thanks, Lilith

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