Blackberry BIS 2.8 Features Leaked claims to have received the change long for the Blackberry Internet Service 2.8 upgrade. OS 5.0 will apparently be required for the upgrade, which is expected to come out in September. The most significant new feature is two-way OTA synchronization with Google PIM data, though there is an important disclaimer about how often this […]

AT&T Blackberry Bold OS Update Happening Now Near You

The expected OS update for the Blackberry Bold on AT&T’s network is being pushed out today, according to Boy Genius Report. The update officially enables Visual Voicemail, a free feature now available for Bold users. AT&T has instructions on how to do a wireless upgrade of the Bold’s software here and the Blackberry site offers […]

Torch Mobile Acquired by Research in Motion


The home page of Torch Mobile’s website announces that RIM has acquired the company, making earlier reports of a better browser to come to the Blackberry all the more real: Torch Mobile is excited to announce that our company has been acquired by Research In Motion (RIM), one of the most renowned mobile technology companies […]

AT&T Enabling Visual Voicemail for Blackberry Bold


While an expected OS update for the Blackberry Bold on AT&T has not yet been released, the Visual Voicemail feature code is already active in AT&Ts system and can be activated, according to Boy Genius Report. AT&T Bold users with a Visual Voicemail icon can call customer service to request activation of the feature, which […]

Rumor: Blackberry Storm 2 and Curve 2 Coming to Verizon


Boy Genius Report claims a leaked roadmap document shows three new Blackberry devices coming to Verizon’s network this year. Among various Motorola, Nokia, and LG devices on the roadmap, the Blackberry Storm 2 and Blackberry Curve 2 appear on the list, targeted for release in October and November, respectively. Image courtesy of BGR [Via Boy […]