Next Gen BlackBerry Browser To Be On Par with iPhone’s Safari

The iPhone ruined browsers for a good part of the mobile industry. SinceĀ  Safari for iPhone was released, Palm’s webOS browser is the first mobile platform browser to stand toe to toe with Safari. RIM has made strides with their browser, but it still pales in comparison to Apple’s Safari browser, but that could all change next summer.

A rather in-depth evaluation of RIM’s position was conducted by equity analyst Chris Umiastowski, whose goal was to provide a look at how RIM is faring in the consumer smartphone space compared to Apple. Here’s where it gets interesting. Umiastowski points to a few reasons why the browser experience is not at the level of Safari, but then goes on to say that RIM believes the issues are fixable and they expect to have a browser that is on par with the iPhone’s Safari browser by next summer.

Both the iPhone and Palm Pre use webkit based browsers. Is it possible that RIM is working on webkit based browser for BlackBerry. If you combine Safari-like browser with a BlackBerry, you’d certainly have some happy folks. Where do I sign up?

[via CrackBerry]


  1. And of course you know the Apple Fanbois will simply say “Sure, but by next summer, Safari will be even better and will probably be able to drive my car while I surf the Web using the greatest browser ever developed on the best device ever conceived”….

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