Telstra Brings BlackBerry Bold 9700 To Australia


RIM has started to rollout the latest and greatest BlackBerry outside of the US. Telstra in Australia announced their customers will be getting the BlackBerry Bold 9700 starting on November 24th. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 will be sold for AUD $999, which is roughly $917 US. The Telstra edition of the BlackBerry Bold 9700 isn’t […]

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Now Available at AT&T


If you’ve been waiting for the BlackBerry Bold 9700, the follow-up to the immensely popular Bold 9000, your day has come. AT&T is now offering the BlackBerry Bold 9700 at $199.99. This price requires a new 2-year contract and it appears the rebate comes in the form of a “promotion card”. It’s not hard cold […]

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Onyx Gets Official


We knew it was coming and now the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is official according to RIM. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 will find it’s way to an assortment of carriers both in the US and abroad starting in November. Those in the US will see the BlackBerry Bold 9700 available on both AT&T and T-Mobile. Specs […]

BlackBerry Bold 2 T-Mobile Launch Set for November 11th?

The latest rumor has the BlackBerry Bold 2, also known as the BlackBerry 9700 or Onyx, coming to T-Mobile on November 11th. No word on the AT&T release, but we’re thinking it’s going to around the same timeframe. The BlackBerry 9700 photos got you amped for the release? Your day will come soon enough and […]

BlackBerry Bold 9700 Photos and Videos Surface


The upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9700 is looking pretty impressive in these leaked photos and video. The updated version of the Bold will land on AT&T sometime in the not so distant future, but no firm date has been either announced or rumored. [via Engadget]

BlackBerry 9700 Coming To AT&T


A leaked document shows the BlackBerry 9700 on the list of upcoming devices headed to AT&T. All we know is that it’s charcoal and there is no firm launch date, at least one that has leaked yet. BGR suspects a timeline of anywhere from 2 weeks to 3  months. We’re thinking somewhere in the middle. […]